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Researchers in the lab can't help but want to share our fascination with science and plant biology with anyone who will listen... and so we are all active in outreach to schools, civic groups and the public in general. These activities range from talks and interviews on local TV and radio to visitng schools and societies to discuss plant and space science.


We also collaborate with groups such as the Madison West High School Rocketry Club and Badger Balistics (their University undergraduate counterparts) to design and fly plant science payloads on their rockets (these students are AWESOME!).

rocketry clubs

Additionally, we work closely with the outreach groups at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation to provide a regular presence at outreach events such as Saturday Science, DIY Science and Science Expeditions, where we have an immense amount of fun showing how plants work and what happens when you put them into space.


Check out our Facebook page for the latest on where we are and what we will be doing. When we are actively running flight experiments to the Space Station, technical updates are posted to our spaceflight Blog.

Science is Awesome......

Science is Art

Check out this rap "Young Mark Watney" about plant biology research by Kai Rasmussen (an undergraduate in the lab) and his producer Calvin Komatska (who sampled lab research sounds for the beat!). They are way too talented to be working with us!!!! Watney Rap