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Coffee and other essentials

-Bowling in the Gilroy lab. "More pints than pins" -Brian Escargot, the Gilroy Lab Snail. He occasionally presents posters at meetings detailing his most recent discoveries. -The Gilroy lab has >33 Disco Balls and 3 Rubber Chickens hanging from the ceiling. No lie. Stop by B120 Birge Hall and see for yourself!


Peets coffee
In that totally unbiassed and analytical way scientists operate, we find Peet's Coffee to be simply the best coffee around (although anything will get drunk when we run out of Peets). Slowly but surely we are spreading the Peet's addiction throughout the Botany Department at Madison.
Tea is also occasionally brewed and we import PG-TIPS or Budgens round tea bags from the UK whenever possible.
Sees Candies
-Chocolates from See's Candies out west. We appreciate travellers bringing back a sweet treat to Madison from somewhere more chocolate-rich.
-The Frear Starcraft league and Frear Freaks of Diablo3. "If it weren't for Blizzard Entertainment I'd have graduated 2 years ago."